The manufacturing facility consists of more than 25,000 square feet of area under the roof excluding covered area for stores, quality control & R&D . An open land of @ 30,000 square feet surrounds the covered area.

In addition to above, an administrative block of 10,000 square feet houses various departments.

An additional land of 35,000 square feet is available for future expansion programme.

Necessary power, water & security arrangements are in place round the clock.

All the required machinery is state of the art meeting latest industry standards for highest quality product manufacture.

All the supervisory and technical staff have more than 15 years' experience in similar industries. All our staff receive technical training in the respective fields ensuring their skill levels are always up to dates.

Having specialised in the design of water well screens Apollo technology has been extended to include oil and gas well screens.

All steps in the manufacturing process, from wire forming to fabrication is performed within Apollo facilities.