Multi Rake Bar Screen Multi Rake Bar Screen

Multi Rake Bar Screen

State of the art technology
offered by a global team of experts

The Apollo Multi Rake Screen is a chain operated bar screen for removal of solids from channel flow.

The Apollo Multi Rake Bar Screen is installed vertically and remains partially submerged within the channel. Debris is collected by a chain operated cleaning rake, intermeshing with the rake bars. The collected debris is discharges at top, during upward motion of the rake and the rake is cleaned by scraper during the descending motion of each cycle.

Drive unit is fitted at the top and controlled through a control panel.

  • Waste water pumping station
  • Municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants.
  • Surface water intake pump house
  • Storm water drain
Optional accessories
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Screw conveyor with optional integrated press
Design Features
  • All drive mechanism is above the water level
  • Screen operation can be controlled by level difference upstream/downstream through optional level control system
  • Rigid stainless steel design
  • Low head loss
  • Low maintenance
  • High screening discharge capacity
  • Easy installation

Apollo Screens
for Sewerage

Apollo Screens: a new company established in 2011 by the APOLLO GROUP, a renowned engineering house combining its engineering expertise with long term vision, ethical business approach and a global team of experts in design and manufacture of wedge wire screens for a wide range of applications. Apollo Screen manufacturing facility: The plant & critical equipment for Apollo screens has been designed and built by the Apollo group's designers and engineers. The plant is equipped with state of the art screen fabrication technology to produce finest quality wedge wire screens with accuracy of wire drawing facility to achieve the highest product quality.

Technical Data

  • Screen channel width:600mm to 3000mm
  • Bar spacing: 6mm to 70mm
  • Inclination angle: 70 to 80 degree
  • Rake travel speed: 4 to 8m/min
  • SS 304 Roller Chain
  • ROPE operated screen is an available option.

General Arrangement for Multi Rake Bar Screen

The Multi Rake Bar Screen is installed vertically and remains partially suberged inside the channel. The submerged section in contact with the influent is an arrangement of parallel bars that ensures the Fixed Bar Screen retains solids that are greater in size than the spacing between any two bars. Solid retained by the Fixed Bar Screen are extracted by a Raking Mechanism and the scraper discharges the solids above the channel floor level.

Multi Rake Bar Screen